The property known as 'Dream Acres' is home Carla, Spud, Bodhi & Cael. 

We are committed to balanced land management practices that not only provide a beautiful, abundant envionment for humans, horses & visiting wildlife too. 

We have created a space to relax & unwind so everyone gets to enjoy their special time.


Animals have a wonderful way of  mirroring our behaviours & healing our souls.

​Our extended family includes Frodo the Dog, Mika the Cat, Bosco the pig, George the Sheep, Tweet the goat, Sequoia, Cody, Lady & Hopi the horses plus 6 chickens, Guinea Fowl. Regular wildlife includes birds, echidnas, bandicoots, water hens, wallabies & koalas.  We invite you to take time to reflect, connect & discover. With love Carla & Spud xo


~Dare to Dream~ 

Kings Creek Retreat began with nothing more than a concept in Gloucester 20 years ago when we purchased our 1st tipi.

It was a weekend accommodation solution for our young family on 66 acres in Gloucester. Despite having no electricity or running water, it was an amazing time we shared with friends & family.  


The original retreat was certainly primitive but inspired us to dream of greater things ...... Local development changed our valley as we yearned for a more secluded location. In December 2010 we discovered a rundown little lifestyle property in Krambach. 

It was overgrown & had a Creek hidden by lantana & madeira vine but it had tall timbers & fertile soils. 


We visualised tipis, gatherings, forest areas & felt the warm, welcoming energy that has been here since the Dream time. Our two boys, Bodhi & Cael, fell in love with it too so this little property called 'Dream Acres' (Dream Makers) became the beginning of a new life unfolding. 

We have built a comfortable, uncomplicated space for people to connect with themselves, their creativity & each other. 

We are dedicated upcyclers & have created an inspiring space where the elements of Nature are in a state of balance.

Even the most complicated guests manage to find calm & connection within their heart space.   

It's time to Connect xo

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