The property known as 'Dream Acres' is home to the Hickman family - Carla, Spud, Bodhi & Cael. We are committed to balanced land management practices that not only provide a beautiful, abundant envionment for humans & farmstay animals but for visiting wildlife too. It's Time to Connect. 

Collect eggs, paint a pony, share a favourite song on the jukebox or take your shoes off to play on the lawn. We provide spaces to create, communicate & unwind so everyone gets to enjoy their special time.


Our extended family includes Frodo the Dog, Mika the Cat, Bosco the pig, George the Sheep, Tweet the goat, Sequoia, Cody, Lady & Hopi the horses plus 6 chickens, Guinea Fowl. Regular wildlife includes birds, echidnas, bandicoots, water hens, wallabies & koalas. Animals have a wonderful way of  mirroring our behaviours & healing our souls. We invite you to take time to reflect, connect & discover.  With love Carla & Spud xo


~Dare to Dream~ 

Kings Creek Retreat began with nothing more than a concept in Gloucester 17 years ago. We purchased our 1st tipi as the most cost-effective weekend accommodation solution for our young family on tour vacant 66 acres in Gloucester. Despite having no electricity or running water, it was an amazing time. Friends & family suggested we hire the space to others after moving into our modest owner built home. 


The original retreat was certainly primitive but inspired us to dream of greater things......Local development changed the valley forever as we yearned for a more secluded location. That search led us to Krambach in December 2010 where we discovered a rundown little lifestyle property that hadn't seen land management for years. It was overgrown, full of tall timbers, grasslands & had a Creek hidden by lantana & madeira vine. We could see the potential & knew we had found paradise!


We visualised tipis, gatherings, forest areas & felt the warm, welcoming energy that has been here since the Dream time. Our two boys, Bodhi & Cael, fell in love with it too so this little property called 'Dream Acres' (Dream Makers) became the beginning of a new life unfolding. Our focus was to provide a comfortable, uncomplicated space for people to connect with themselves, each other, the environment & their creativity. We are dedicated upcyclers & have created an inspiring space where the elements of Nature are in a state of balance. Even the most complicated guests find they can discover calm & connection within their heart space.                                                                                             

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Your Hosts: Carla & Spud Hickman 

Phone: 02 6559 1235

84 Kings Creek Rd, Krambach NSW 2429 

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