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Dr Jim Frazier - Symphony of the Earth

On Sunday October 28, the beautiful folk of Kinspirit Iris & Day Lily Farm hosted an enlightening afternoon with Oscar and Emmy winning photographer & cinematographer, Dr Jim Frazier. Lyz & John generously shared their time and beautiful property for an afternoon of education, photography & fabulous food. Jim shared with us his deep understanding and experience of the natural world, and the intricacies of how nature works. The photography buffs also indulged in Jim’s progressive masterclass with inspiring stories and somewhat quirky methods.

Having worked with Sir David Attenborough for thirty years, Jim has had the chance to observe first-hand how the influence of humankind has upset the balance of nature and the decimation of so many living species.

Jim’s beautiful book Butterflies on my mind is an unique collection that brings our attention to Butterflies, Moths and other life-sustaining insects through his innovative photography. If you love photography and love nature this book will wow you & also help support Symphony of The Earth.


Symphony of the Earth inspires people, through music and the arts, to be a part of positive change to bring about a global shift in consciousness and awareness through the music and voices of the creatures of the Earth. In highlighting the world’s animals SOE raises a new awareness and appreciation of how important animals and the environment are to our planet and our future existence.

The Symphony of the Earth Team value new and innovative ways of thinking to help the Earth, its people, its plants and its animals. SOE promotes the rehabilitation and regeneration of our planet through projects, education and action. http://symphonyoftheearth.org/about-us/people/

Symphony of the Earth - Love, Inspiration, Empathy, Abundance, Creation, Beauty, Equality, Conservation, Forgiveness………Time for Change.

Here’s a taste of the symphony that is yet to come http://symphonyoftheearth.org/sote-tv

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